Grotto Pool


Open Year Round
Monday AND Thursday 12 noon to Dusk
All Other Days 10 am to Dusk

Nestled within The Boulders is the Grotto pool, an oasis that features three waterfalls and underwater seating. Within the gated area there are massive limestone tables and open grills that are perfect for a picnic, as well as a playscape and covered pavilion seating area. Top it all with a sand volleyball court just outside the pool area and you have the makings of a great time!

cf-grotto-volleyballThe Grotto pool and playscape is open year round from 12 noon to dusk on Monday through Thursday, and from 10 AM to dusk all other days.

To ensure parking is available for residents, a Crystal Falls parking decal is required to the parking lot and a card key must be used to enter the gated area.

For pool rules and to learn more about amenity use and access view the links in the right hand sidebar of this page.