Crystal Falls Landscape Design Guidelines

Crystal Falls is one of the last remaining Texas Hill Country environs in close proximity to a major metropolitan area. Every effort has been made to retain the views and natural beauty of the hillsides. One of the challenges is to design landscaping which complements the terrain and creates a cohesiveness throughout the community. One of the best ways is to incorporate native Texas Hill Country plants and native limestone rock into your landscape plan. Using indigenous plants helps prevent deer and hog damage, and the native vegetation will help to lower water usage as they require much less water than non-native plants. A Landscape Design Manual has been created to assist land owners in choosing plants which are deer resistant, benefit wildlife and do well in the local climate and soil.

The Landscape Design Guidelines are written for all properties in Crystal Falls and are provided to help owners understand the overall vision for Crystal Falls to ensure a cohesive look throughout the community. Part of the unique quality of our community comes from the massive boulders used throughout and obtained at the nearby quarry. The native Texas Hill Country theme continues in plant selection, and the curvilinear beds add to the natural setting. The Landscape Design Guidelines assist owners with examples and ideas, as well as lists of native Texas Hill Country grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Landscape Design Manual

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Texas Living Fence Brochure

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