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Oak Wilt Awareness and Prevention

How to Identify and Manage This Tree Disease On Your Property According to a recent article by Native Land Design, Texas Oak Wilt is the most devastating tree disease affecting live oaks and red oaks in Central Texas. It is killing our valuable oak trees at epidemic proportions as thousands...
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PEC Guidelines for Landscaping Around Utility Boxes

Reminder: Proper PEC Utility Box Screening PEC publishes specific guidelines for landscaping around underground residential distribution equipment (URD). Safety regulations require PEC crews to maintain a safe distance and have an area clear of obstructions while working on or near energized equipment. The required distances allow linemen to safely make...
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Crystal Falls Rock Star Winner

Congratulations to our latest Crystal Falls Rock Star Winner! The Crystal Falls Rock Star program recognizes artistic uses of natural stone and native landscaping that exemplify our Texas Hill Country theme. Our Spring 2015 Rock Star award goes to: James and Lexy Kasper. Using beautiful stonework for an outdoor grill...
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Landscape Design Manual

Landscape design guidelines are written for all properties in Crystal Falls and are provided to help owners understand the overall vision for Crystal Falls to ensure a cohesive look throughout the community. Part of the unique quality of our community comes from the massive boulders used throughout and obtained at...
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Spring 2014 “Rock Star” Winner

Congratulations to our spring 2014 “Rock Star” winner: The Garners! Your unique rock retaining wall adds to the native theme throughout the community. View pictures in our Spring 2014 HOA newsletter and the Rock Star gallery....
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