About the Crystal Falls HOA

The Crystal Falls Homeowners Association (HOA) governs the entire Crystal Falls master planned community (The Boulders, The Highlands, The Fairways, The Bluffs, Cap Rock and Grand Mesa).

Onsite Office

The Crystal Falls HOA onsite office opened in January 2015 to provide members with a convenient location to conduct their HOA business.

Everything except accounting and violation functions is now handled at the new HOA office located at 901 Crystal Falls Parkway, Suite 203 (near the Walgreens at Bagdad). CFHOA members can turn in architectural requests, pick up remotes and bar codes, obtain amenity keys, and get information about the community at the new office.

Accounting and violation functions are handled by the management company.

New Member Orientations
New member orientations are held monthly on the the second Saturday of each month. New members are encouraged to sign-up to learn about the community, the HOA, voting representatives, amenities and architectural information.

HOA Board/Voting Reps

The community is still under development and therefore the HOA Board is currently under developer control. A group of elected residents, known as Voting Representatives, from each section of the community meet with the Board, Onsite Director and management company at least once per year to discuss the status of the community and future plans. Residents have a voice on the HOA Board of Directors with one member appointed to the Board.

About Assessments

All properties within Crystal Falls pay a regular assessment to cover landscaping, electricity and general administrative costs, while those in gated areas pay an additional assessment for repairs and replacement of gates and roadways.

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